From late August to October 4th, Kelly and I were apart of a 50 day ‘prayer strike’ which included 40 days of fasting together with a company of 70 people. Every morning I had the privilege to meet with Lou Engle and 4 or 5 other leaders for 2 hours each morning. I felt very honored to be in this meeting both learning and engaging in the process of receiving the counsel of the Lord together in the word, and in prayer. I witnessed great leaders being incredibly vulnerable to share weaknesses, hurts, fears, praises and miraculous testimonies, etc. It was a time each day that I looked forward to immensely. These meetings contained moments of intense prayer, amazing discussion, and powerful prophecies.

I will never forget what happened one morning during our leadership meeting about the 35th day of the 40 day fast. We were in a time of praying and worshiping the Lord together and I was meditating on some scripture. Lou looked at me and said “did God put something on your heart?” I told him that Haggai Chapter 2 was strongly on my heart and I didn’t know why?! Lou Shouted and said “That’s it!”– Haggai 2 is what The Lord woke me up with this morning, and the Lord told me (“From this day on I will Bless you” – Haggai 2:19). Lou continued and said: “today everything has shifted and what we have come here to do in prayer has been completed”. If that wasn’t interesting enough, about 3 hours later Lou received a text message from his prophet friend Chris Berglund. Chris had no idea what had transpired that morning in our meeting, but sent this message to Lou: “Today there was breakthrough, and your assignment has been completed according to Haggai 2 and vs 19 “From this day on I will bless you”. Wow!! what amazing confirmation!!

The Day of the Call

On October 4th our company of 70 people gathered on Sproul Plaza at the University of California Berkeley to meet around 3 or 4 thousand people crammed into the small space. That day felt a bit like heaven on earth. The day was beautiful, and the atmosphere charged with the presence of God. At one point in the call Kelly was asked to go up on stage to give support for her friend Carla who gave testimony of how Jesus met her and delivered her out of a homosexual lifestyle. It was an incredible moment of Glory to the Savior of the World. It felt in that moment like the Lie of being born this way melted under the intense love of a Father Creator who made people for great purpose and destiny!

As the day of the Call went on many from the campus walked through our assembly. One woman in a wheelchair who was paralyzed for 2 years was prayed for by the crowd and she stood up and walked to the response of a roaring crowd giving Glory to Jesus!! In another testimony, a player from the Oakland Raiders happened to be in the crowd and had a broken leg. After being prayed for, he felt the pain leave in his foot, ripped off his cast and walked up to the stage to tell of what just happened! I was also put on stage with Todd White, and Sean Smith to share prophetic words and words of knowledge with those in the crowd. God was gracious and faithful to give clear words of truth and encouragement for people!! At the very end of the day the Gospel was preached to many visitors that had come in from the surrounding university, and a large group of people responded to the call to surrender to Jesus! It was a day Kelly and I shall not forget!


Before we left for Illinois, our family had the honor and privilege to receive prophetic ministry and prayer from Lou, the Call team, and 3 other visiting prophetic ministers. We were very encouraged about the words we received from the Lord about Bloomington. God really made it clear that God was going to establish a work through the Prayer and Justice Center that would be catalytic for the church in our area, and be an epicenter for the whole state. Lou and others also believe we will be a midwest base for the Call, and that strategic relationship will continue on into the future. We were also encouraged by the amount of prophetic ministry that spoke of our work being established according to the Father’s heart, among a family, and out of a living room of fellowship, family, and feasting. Some of the words really spoke of missions being carried out from the Prayer and Justice Center that would go to places many would be afraid to go. We would go to places of darkness and establish prayer strikes and supernatural evangelism and outreach. Of course with all prophetic words, it becomes a process to pray these things through to give birth to their manifestation. But nonetheless we are very excited!

It is extremely good to be back in Illinois. the weather out there was Hot and very dry. The beaches were beautiful, but it was nice to be back in the midwest where trees are changing colors, campfires keep you warm, and hot coffee can actually be enjoyed again 🙂 Moving forward our plan is to take things one day at a time. We are developing a core group to meet weekly for dinner, communion, prayer and prophetic direction. I will be spending most mornings in the word and prayer according to Acts chapter 6. Kelly is back to Homeschooling and has signed Josie up for Classical Conversations with a group in Clinton IL. — We hope to develop a schedule for the Prayer and Justice Center very soon where everyone will be able to participate ! Love you all in Christ!!!

The Whalen’s

Berkeley, Intercession, Weeping, Jubilee


  In Berkeley…. 

After 6 hours of driving from Pasadena, CA…we arrived in Berkeley two weeks ago.  (Oakland, CA to be exact) We are living in a two-bedroom apartment with another family of 6 right next to the Home of Peace. Combining our two families makes a full house!! Even with shared living quarters, our rent for our time here will be over $1,800!  We are so thankful to know IL living expenses are so much more reasonable! We are with around 60 other people here that are divided into day and night prayer teams.  We are part of a daytime intercession/community team that has the day shift of 10am-9 pm (or later) that consists of team meetings, devotional prayer set, intercession prayer set, community communion, Daniel Fast corporate meals, a corporate large group meeting, and then another optional devotional prayer set…Tuesday-Sunday. Kelly started homeschooling 3-4 days a week for a few hours a day with the curriculum she brought from home to help the kids with scheduling.  We have had many opportunities to use the tools we gained during our internship at The Call school and also gain new tools from doing life with this group of people we are connected with.  Our time here is very focused and intentional.


History at Berkeley….

Minerva is considered the “goddess of education, arts, and entertainment.” and can be found on the state seal of California, and also at Berkeley University, CA. It is shown in the picture above. Berkeley, CA originally began as a city that trained missionaries and sent them into San Francisco to tell them about Jesus.  After the Free Speech Movement in 1964, Berkeley became the flashpoint of a rebellion that had national implications.  Berkeley essentially  became a hinge of change for a generation of fathers and children as their hearts were turned AWAY from one another.  October 4th of this year will mark the 50 year anniversary of the Free Speech Movement.  God has given us hope that this is a year of Jubilee for many in this region as well as this nation.









Prayer room…

Right when we arrived here, there was a sweet presence of The Lord in the prayer room.  Around 60% of the team here are Asians…and wow, do they know how to pray! There has been much weeping and travail during intercession. The Lord has been burdening people’s heart’s.  It’s like He was just waiting for someone to respond and ask Him if He would share His heart. Within the prayer room / chapel are “wailing walls” that list the first names of whom we are praying for freedom and salvation for…just to name a few themes.  The Lord has been taking us through intercession 101 here while we are surrounded by the different expressions of prayer.  ( listening, engaging our hearts, weeping, travail, worship, praying God’s Word.)

Romans 8:26

.. the Holy Spirit helps us in our weakness when we don’t know what to pray He makes intercession on our behalf with groans and utterance too deep for words.”


San Francisco….

We are about a 25-30 minute drive from San Francisco that we can can access by crossing the Bay.  We had the opportunity to drive through San Francisco, not intentionally, while looking for a laundry mat and playground for the kids.  As soon as we crossed the bridge we felt the heaviness of the city and the spiritual atmosphere shift.  San Francisco has the largest LGBT community in the world and The Lord has been burdening our hearts for them and showing us how much He loves His people and creation! We were thankful to be able to visualize what we have been praying for.  Streets in San Fran included Fell, Haight (pronounced Hate), Fillmore, Sewered Street….and are filled with rainbows…etc.  As we pray for this community during intercession, we have began to describe them as “the rainbow people” and prophesying over them that many will turn towards the God of covenant and promise! It is very interesting to see and hear of the history that took place in San Francisco and surrounding cities.  A major social issue in San Fran is the large number of homeless who purposely inject themselves with AIDS so that they will be taken care of by the city and provided with food and shelter. We were overwhelmed by the brokenness! Haight street was significant for us to see because around 5 years ago a small group of young adults opened up a prayer room right above the street and people in the community would be drawn in by the worship they heard and many would get set free or fall to their knees repenting and weeping.  One of the songs they mentioned that drew a man into their prayer room who was struggling with gender confusion was “Amazing Grace”. He surrendered his life to Jesus and then this small prayer team got to walk him through discipleship! Nothing is too big for our God!

Other highlights from the city….


Time with Lou


Golden Gate Bridge

image                             image

Haight street pronounced “hate”                      ONE Voice conference


Turning laundry mat carts into boats



Culture Shock, Training, Prayer, & Earthquakes

Culture Shock, Training, Prayer & earthquakes

Culture shock…
Pasadena: A beautiful metropolitan area that is highly populated with Armenian, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and African American races among others! We are the minority here, but have really loved the diversity! There is a very large number of homeless, and it is very evident that many broken people need Jesus! The spiritual atmosphere tends to be very intense at times. Pasadena and LA are very open cities. Open to spiritual influence of every kind, in addition to very liberal lifestyles. As a family, this is where we landed. A missionary house is what we have called home, sharing one bedroom as a family in a community house with other roommates. Initially all of this was a SHOCK to our system on so many levels, but these have become the very tools God has used to help enlarge our hearts to love deeper and be more thankful! The Lord has used “pressure” to allow things in our hearts to come to the surface so we could allow Him to do a work of sanctifying and healing in us. Pressure and fires are good for bringing everything to the surface in us…even the dross. If you find yourself in a season of refining through pressure and stretching then rejoice because enlargement is coming if we continue to abide in Him. God lovingly takes the pressures we face to cause our roots to go deeper & produce fruit that remains! The living quarters has challenged us as a family to be more intentional about taking time to keep our hearts connected.

“Through pressure you have ENLARGED me.” -Psalm 4:1

Training classes…
We have completed the first half of our training in Pasadena, California. On Friday, August 15th, the Call Summer Intensive internship finished up with an official graduation. We learned and experienced a number of valuable things that have marked our family! Some of the topics covered in our classes included….

* Ecclesia/Kingdom Communities/Culture of Honor
* Understanding the Father heart of God/Identity in Christ
* Maintaining heart connections & un-offended hearts
* A disciplined life in the Word, prayer, time with God, and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit
* Walking by faith as a family
* House of prayer tools
* Spiritual warfare concepts/Contending prayer & fasting
* Reaching the “un-reached”
* Justice & Mercy
* Prioritizing and Memorizing Scripture

We had the opportunity to attend and get hands-on training through…

* Transforming Hearts conference (inner healing)
* Anna Initiative conference (for the Native American community)
* The Well training & prayer teams at PiHOP (weekly prophetic ministry)
* Worship & prayer sets such as Devotional, Corporate, Worship with the Word, and Justice Intercession at PiHOP in the prayer room
(PiHOP is a 24/6 house of prayer that started 12 years ago in California. For more information on PiHOP visit
* Power & Love training seminar (prophecy, healing, and evangelism for the streets)
* Meetings with mentors and leaders
* PiHOP & Ekballo ministry merge & building remodel

We also were blessed to…..
* Be a part of a tight-knit, Jesus loving, culturally diverse community
* Enjoy free time as a family
* Celebrate three birthdays in our family.. Kelly’s, Malachi’s, and mine 🙂
* Enjoy family visitors from IL that came for a week!

Heading to Berkeley….
In a couple days we will be heading to Berkeley, California near San Francisco for 40 days of prayer and fasting with a team of 65 people including singles, married couples, and a few families. The 40 days will culminate on October 4th with The Call Berkley.

Fifty years ago on the campus of Berkley Ca a revolution took place known as the ‘Free Speech Movement’. It’s influence rippled across the entire nation and deeply impacted the culture. It has been considered by many as a flashpoint of revolution in our culture that released a generational rebellion where the hearts of the children turned AWAY from the fathers and the hearts of fathers turned AWAY from the children. In Berkeley, we will be with a prayer team contending for the whole nation to receive awakening and revival. Praying according to Malachi 4:6 that the hearts of the children would be turned back towards the fathers and the fathers towards the children and towards their Heavenly Father. We will also be contending for 100,000 people from the LGBT community to be saved, healed, and transformed through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. In Berkeley we will be preparing the atmosphere prior to the one day event through 24/7 worship and intercession, fasting, and street evangelism/ministry….putting feet to our prayers and loving on the community. Prayer is the supreme vocation of the believer. It is the pattern that Christ lived and taught, in order to release the will of the Father and the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

I believe Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay area is a spiritual gate where demonic constructs and ideologies have become mountains of influence into our nation and nations of the earth. Even so, God loves San Francisco and has a redemptive destiny upon it, if the Ecclesia will pray! Recently, Lou Engle took a small team to pray and cry out for the Bay Area. God lead them to pray and prophesy according to Hosea 2 about the grapevines being destroyed but the eventual restoration of the vineyards and new wine. After they prayed an earthquake registering 6.0 struck in the San Francisco Bay, with the epicenter in Napa Valley( the premier wine region in the world.) I believe this is a sign and wonder from God according to the biblical account in Acts where the place they prayed was shaken. Another interesting confirmation that took place was that the night before this earthquake struck I had a dream that a large earthquake struck in California that released a sonic boom when it happened. I believe God is directly involved in this and is responding to the cries of his people. I pray a sonic boom or a sound of awakening would go forth that is heard across this state and this nation.

Thank you again for your love, support, and prayers that is making this season of training possible for us as a family!! We have enjoyed the scenery in California and have really valued what we have learned so far. We have made lifelong relationships
here…but our hearts are back in Bloomington, IL with our friends and family! We are
looking forward to returning to the flatlands in early October!

Love you all! Andrew,Kelly,Josie,Malachi,Ryder

Update: Testimonies, Josie sees Heaven, Bloomington, IL

Well….Kelly and I thought it was time for a little update! Thank you everyone for your love, prayers, encouragement and support! Our time in Pasadena has been very fruitful! Now for a brief run-down: The internship has been very intense- The culture here, content of what we are learning, and schedule has been at times a SHOCK to our system, but very necessary for this season!  We are learning how to have a healthy balance of prioritizing time for personal intimacy with the Lord, ministry training, and creating a family-fun adventure for us and the kids so that our hearts remain connected and close to one-another! Aside from classes in our internship, we have had the privilege to be a part of many things so far.  An inner-healing conference, a Native American redemption conference, Pre-Call Berkley prayer rally, fellowship times with families that have lived as missionaries for years, and meals/down time with interns that have incredible testimonies!!

Testimonies.  It has been life-changing and beautiful to hear the amazing testimonies of people who are here both as interns and those on staff. We have developed close relationships with a few individuals. One girl was abused as a child, fell into homosexuality, and was delivered through a radical encounter with the love of God prior to coming out to the internship.  When she prays- She releases a heart cry that literally shakes the atmosphere of a room! Another testimony is of a 38 year old man that has become close to me (Andrew). He is a full Apache Indian from the Apache reservation who was radically saved from drug addiction, being homeless for months with his 13 year old boy, gangs, and suicide. He now stays with his boy at the Dream Center in LA. He is such a man on fire for God! It seems like the ancient war cry of the Native Americans was redeemed for the purposes of God. This man has a thundering authority, yet a tender humility. It’s been wonderful to ‘run’ with these brothers and sisters! One of the main things We have gleaned so far is the power of testimony! “The word became flesh” according to John 14:9. Everyone in Christ has a testimony and its the evidence that the word has come into our flesh through the power of God’s spirit! Our faith in Christ has been so encouraged by hearing the testimonies of answers to prayer, amazing miracles, and salvation through the biblical Gospel! Around here, it seems that if people just share a few testimonies about Jesus- everyone falls more in love with him, wants to get in his word more, pray more, and live it out with faithfulness and zeal! Don’t ever underestimate the power of your testimony in Christ! (They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and BY THE WORD oF THEIR TESTIMONY; and they didn’t love their lives so much to shrink from death) -Rev. 12:11. The book of Joel and Acts both record the promise given from God that in the Last Days God would pour out his spirit on all flesh. His sons and daughters will prophesy, young men will see visions, old men will dream dreams. Kelly and I have witnessed first hand that being in a community who honors God’s word above everything, and puts it into practice, receives the outpouring of the Holy Spirit with prophetic dreams!

Dreams.  The first week we were here Josie had 5 amazing dreams, 1 each night for 5 nights in a row. Each of these 5 dreams were different but every dream shared the same theme. Everyone of these dreams revealed satan and his dark angels and their schemes to hurt and destroy lives, but they were being destroyed when either Jesus or his angels would respond to the prayers of his people and cut off the head of the snake and strike the bad angels with swords. (I was worried that she kept having these dreams, thinking they were too graphic, but she was never troubled once by them, and seemed to just be at peace with how mighty our God is! Wow! And if that wasn’t enough- this past week, Josie had 1 dream for 4 nights in a row. You can’t make that happen if you tried all your life! It was the exact dream for 4 nights in a row. In this dream she walked into a red house and walked up a flight of white stairs. She saw the prayer room that is here in Pasadena. Then in the dream she walked up another flight of white stairs. When she got to that floor she knew it was the top floor. In the dream there was a door and she walked into it and she said there was the most beautiful white, and Gold shining room. She saw a man with Gold pants and a white shirt standing there. Josie said that in the dream it felt so wonderful all she could do was fall down. Then in her dream the man showed her doors in the room that had pearls on them. When she walked thru those doors they opened up to another beautiful room where she saw the shining man again, and all she could do was fall down because it felt so good! (Again this dream happened every night for 4 nights in a row) Wow! I’m thinking to myself that Josie just saw a mansion in heaven and encountered The Lord Jesus… We have an amazing God! He loves to reveal himself to ALL who have childlike faith!!  We prayed together and asked The Lord to give Josie his heavenly gifts and presents and to keep revealing his love for her. – as a side note it has been on Josie’s heart to ask Jesus for a violin every night we pray befor bed:) so we are trusting The Lord for that one.

Bloomington.   Bloomington, Illinois has remained on our hearts!  It seems everywhere we go Malachi 4:6 is a Scripture that gets brought up….which is a key Scripture at Journey Family Fellowship where we attend church in IL. This passage of reconnecting the hearts of the fathers and sons has a double meaning. It is first a message of bridging the generation gaps as an expression of the Kingdom.  It is also the story of reconciliation where the sons of God that have wandered away from their Heavenly Father through rebellion or even religion realize their emptiness and return to their Father’s house once again and receive their full inheritance! What a powerful message of what The Lord is wanting to do in this generation! We are encouraged that we can be in another state and hear the same message and know we’ve been privileged to be a part of a community in Bloomington that operates in a form of this expression!! After sharing about what God is doing in our area, Lou Engle has been praying for Bloomington, Illinois. We have been to a couple of conferences where Lou has been speaking, and unrelated to the conference he will begin to intercede for Bloomington, Il in front of whole gathering. I for one, don’t think that is a light thing. God is jealous for the harvest- and he loves to make a valley of dry bones into a mighty Army :)! Bloomington is on the Lord’s heart! Keep praying! We love you all and bless you! Until next time!

~The Whalen’s

Only in Cali….

Fun facts….How to know you are not in Illinois anymore…..

Only in Cali do you…..

1.  Have to bring your own bags to any store or you’ll have to purchase them for        10 cents a pop.

2. Encourage motorcycles to drive in between the cars in traffic to maximize transportation flow.

3.  Have a neighbor’s house in your already tiny backyard because property is pricey and high in demand.

4.  Use your air conditioning less & in moderation more than states with cooler temperatures in the US even when the temperatures stay in the high 90’s in CA.

5.  When you parallel park your vehicle you can get a $32 ticket if you don’t turn your wheels in towards the curb.

6.  Can get verbal warnings from a cop on a motorcycle through a microphone speaker……( yep that happened to us twice during the 4th of July).

7. Have your kids paint the outside of your house multicolored and it be ok because house styles are “anything goes” in CA. (Our own kids didn’t do this..FYI…it is a house a few blocks away from our street.)

8. Have temperatures in the low 60 degrees in the morning & by noon be up to 90-100 degrees outside!

9.  Have vegetarian meals and vegetarian drive- thru’s be as equally available as meat-lover meal options. ( We still love our meat/ protein!)

10.  Feel like you see a closer glimpse of what Heaven will look like with diverse people groups all over California.  Caucasians are not typically the majority.

image  I am sure there will be more to add to this list as we go. UNTIL NEXT TIME…………..

We made it!


What a week it has been!  Friday ( June 27th ) we left a full-time job of 10 years, said goodbyes, left Bloomington Saturday (June 28th ) at 3 PM……traveled through 6 states safely by the mercy of God, arrived in Pasadena at 9 PM Monday night ( June 30th) & started our internship at 8 AM Tuesday morning       ( July 1st), celebrated my 33rd birthday, saw the Pacific Ocean on our day off, said new hell-o’s and have started to get settled into our new rental home.  Our tighter living quarters and almost daily mid-day temperatures in the 90’s with no air-conditioning in our room are tools in the hand of God to help position our hearts to live a more simple and thankful life!!  We are gratefull for this necessary chapter of the story God is writing of stretching & growing!


In 2005, something unforgettable happened in our journey with Jesus. We were given a life-commissioning encounter with the Lord through a powerful dream. God essentially tattooed our hearts with a heavenly vision. It was as Scripture says, ‘written on our hearts with the spirit.’ (2 Corinthians 3:3) What you are about to read is the truth according to how it actually happened. This story is a pearl in our hearts that we now invite you to share with us in wisdom, humility, love, and excitement.

At the first of the year in 2005, I (Andrew) was given a dream. In the dream, I saw breath-taking, wide spread revival in the Bloomington-Normal Region. I saw thousands who had never known The Lord crying out to God in worship. I saw the church in our region come alive and re-awaken with revival and passion for Jesus. It seemed that our way of life was suddenly interrupted by Heaven as multitudes in Bloomington-Normal seemed to push pause on their hustle of daily routine, and were captivated in worship before God.
Next in the dream, I saw that this revival was a result of a ‘house of prayer’ that was raised up in the city as well as small prayer gatherings taking place all across the region of central IL. In the dream this house of prayer was called a “Jericho March.”  In the last part of the dream, I saw my mom huddled together with three white-haired elderly women. Suddenly my mom and these women in the dream (whom I did not recognize), pointed to me and repeatedly prophesied the phrase “24 Hour House of Prayer”.  Suddenly, I woke up from the dream with eyes wide open, and immediately heard the Audible voice of God! His voice thundered, and echoed this phrase: “THIS IS NOT A HARD JOB WHEN IT IS Tattooed ON YOUR HEART!” (If this takes you outside of your box, it took me out of mine too!). It was an encounter that I will never forget! Jesus must have been serious when he said his sheep HEAR his voice! (John 10:27)
A couple days after the dream, I spoke with my mom. I related the dream with her, and was especially curious about the 3 white-haired elderly women who together with my mom were prophesying a House of Prayer over me. I was shocked when my mom said the dream must be God, because she had just started a weekly prayer meeting with 3 white-haired elderly women 2 weeks prior to the dream, and I had no knowledge of this.  This was fascinating confirmation that the dream encounter was sent from God! I knew it was God’s commissioning on our lives to raise up prayer that would help usher in revival. I met and prayed with these white-haired elderly women, and they continued to meet almost weekly for the next 5 years.
I knew God was inviting us to partner with him and his heart. The heavenly vision revealed God’s heart for broken and lost souls and the power of prayer to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The exact phrase God used in this dream was “house of prayer”. The Lord is particular about names, because within the name is its calling! “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” (Isaiah 56:7) God named HIS house by its identifying function, which is prayer. By virtue of God’s own word, we are called to be a people who pray, and who’s prayers open access for the nations to be reconciled to God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ! ( house of prayer for all nations).


The interesting thing about the heavenly vision God “tattooed”on our hearts, was that it also revealed His strategy and call for this house of prayer. In the vision we were commissioned to raise up a house of prayer in our city, and…. “IT WAS CALLED A JERICHO MARCH.”  From that  statement, we understood God was revealing a powerful correlation. The house of prayer God desires to establish in our region, will have the same assignment as Joshua’s Jericho March. Israel was faced with ominous walls that stood in the way of their promised land. Jericho was the most fortified stronghold in the land of promise. Israel’s victory through God’s supernatural power at  Jericho was key for entering into their inheritance.

The house of prayer, through prayer, fasting, strategic intercession, worship, and acts of justice & mercy, will function as a Jericho March to demolish strongholds that stand in the way of Gospel promise and impact (2 Corinthians 10:4). There are unseen strongholds that exist in our city that keep lives from the truth of Jesus (Ephesians 6:12) These Jericho-type strongholds are essentially the gates of hell that Jesus said would not prevail against his church! (Matt. 16:18). These gates veil people from the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ. (2 Cor. 4:4)
These strongholds dull the resolve of the church to contend for the Kingdom of God. They cause the church to live for worldly pleasure and security without sight of eternal reality. These Jericho-type strongholds in our city, breed darkness that manifests in human trafficking, drug trafficking, prostitution, adultery, gangs, materialism, violence, witchcraft, rebellion, broken homes, anti-Christ-humanistic education, and so much more. It’s our firm belief, through God’s word, that walls were meant to fall! We also believe a contending house/people of prayer through the victory of Christ is enabled to bring these walls down!

The early church understood the power of prayer and the prayer empowered Gospel! Scripture is clear that the known world was turned upside down as a result! (Acts 17:6). Though we affirm our world will never be rid of sin or evil until Christ returns to reign, we do however believe that individuals, families, cities and nations, can be turned upside-down as a result of the prayer empowered gospel of Jesus Christ!  Unfortunately the great blunder of the church has been the surrender of our responsibility and privilege to pray. We have yielded this great appropriation of Christ’s victory to the enemies of unbelief and comfort. We believe that God has more! We want to restore fire on the altar, and may it never go out! (Lev. 6:12)


For almost 10 years we have carried this vision of night and day prayer in our hearts, praying, studying, and waiting for God’s timing. During these past 10 years, We have maintained a full time job, with additional part time jobs along the way. We have also remained active in ministry as time allowed depending on our season of life. We’ve done ministry in our home, at Illinois State University, with the Prayer & Justice Center and Journey Ministries.
Along the way, we have had multiple ‘burning bush’ confirmations of God’s calling on us to raise up a contending ‘House of Prayer’, that will help release the transforming power of God in our city.  In January of 2013, God spoke unmistakably clear to me in prayer with Him. In my heart he said it would not be long before I was to leave my job, and we would begin to establish the House of Prayer. I kept this to myself for a few days to ponder on it.  Then one night at a prayer meeting a man with no knowledge of what God had recently spoken to me said, “God spoke to me as clear as I have ever heard him, and you won’t be at your job much longer and you will begin to establish the House of Prayer.”
Another ‘burning bush’ came on a Sunday in the spring of 2013. At church I was having an internal conversation with The Lord about Haggai chapter 1. In my heart The Lord told me that Haggai 1 was my next assignment. I couldn’t shake the words in Haggai chapter 1.
After church, a Christian man from another town came to my home. This man had no idea what the Lord told me about Haggai chapter 1. He said he needed to pray over me without offering any further explanation. He prayed for me & suddenly shouted out the following phrase: “Haggai chapter 1, Haggai chapter 1, this is the assignment of The Lord for you.”
Haggai chapter 1 is a prophetic call to recognize that God’s people are resting content in their comfortable homes and lives, while the house of prayer (the Lord’s temple) is still in ruin. We believe now is the time to recognize the urgency of this late hour. God wants us to see the state of his ‘temple’ and come out of our comfortable dwelling places to rebuild the house of prayer. The altar of prayer needs to be rebuilt again and lit with undying fire! God is inviting us to cry out for His heart & for His name to be exalted in our region.

When we look at our city, we may quickly make judgements by mere appearances. At surface level our city appears family friendly, prosperous, and spiritually alive-based on the number of church buildings and church activities. However, if we lean into the heart of God, I believe we see a different viewpoint. Outward success, affluence, and church activities are not revealing deeper truth. Our city, though blessed in many ways, is filled with thousands of broken lives, hurting families, dead religion, a growing underground crime culture including human trafficking (and YES this is presently operating in our city), and massive educational systems that increasingly indoctrinate young minds into an anti-Christ, anti-biblical worldview, and so much more. There are multitudes in the valley of darkness who need to see His light. Truly the fields are ripe for harvest. This is why Haggai 1 has become an assignment for us. NOW is the time! We are burdened with God’s call to raise up a lamp stand in our city by helping rebuild the altar of prayer!


In light of the call to raise up a contending house of prayer in our city, as a family, we have primarily focused on making sure our foundations of personal, home, and family life is in Godly order. In January of 2014, as our focus was simply on our foundational order, I had a very random, but clear dream.  In the dream we moved with our kids to Pasadena California for a season of training and impartation. Upon waking from this dream, I checked my email. I was shocked as I had an email from Lou Engle’s ministry, the “Call” in Pasadena, California. The email invited us to participate in a conference they were holding. Before leaving to go to this conference, i had another dream.  In the dream I was standing in Lou Engle’s living room right in front of a big brick fireplace. Lou tells me in the dream that I have come under his covering i.e. mantle, influence, blessing. The dream ends.
We went to the conference in February 2014, and had unusual favor with Lou Engle and his wife Therese. We were invited over to their house that we had never seen before.  Lou walks me into his living room, and there sits the large brick fireplace from my dream. Lou said to us that he believes God has called us to receive his influence as a spiritual father. (1 Cor. 4:15). They invited us to come out with them for a short season. As we prayed and sought council, we felt confident that God was calling us to go with them for a season of training as the dream had revealed.

Through God’s direction, we have decided to leave the position at the Pantagraph, and move the family out to Pasadena California for 3 months to connect and receive training with Lou Engle and his well respected ministry The Call.  While in Pasadena we will be doing an internship & will be involved in the ministry of prayer, biblical study, outreach, and occasional travel with Lou Engle. Of course we may make it a point to enjoy some beach time with the family as well:) We intend to stay from July 1st to early October, culminating with the Call Berkley – a one day event of prayer and fasting for revival in our nation. (For more info about Pasadena, see

Upon our return, as an extension of Journey Ministries and under their leadership, we will become full time local missionaries as the Directors of The Prayer & Justice Center (3903 Ireland Grove Rd, Bloomington, IL). We have been serving as directors of the Prayer and Justice Center part-time, but know that now is the time to give our ‘full time’ labors to the Gospel. We are blessed to have Journey Ministries as an ‘apostolic’ covering, where spiritual, directional, and financial accountability are in place for us.
We want to bless and support the various fellowships, ministries, and every Christ centered vision of the local church community, by praying for them and offering any support we can give! The purpose and vision of the Prayer & Justice Center is to be a missions and training center for the local church, to raise a committed prayer effort with corresponding works of justice to see awakening, revival, and transformation, in our city and region.  Our goals are to progressively establish a committed prayer and worship effort that eventually contends night and day for breakthrough in our region. In addition we will provide opportunities for other believers in the community to participate in works of justice and compassion. It is our heart to develop a foundation of prayer and worship that all ministry flows from. Prayer releases breakthrough. The Works of justice puts feet to our prayers.

Through preaching, and encouraging the body of Christ, street evangelism, ministry to the poor, widows, orphans, deliverance, and healing, God’s heart for justice & mercy are being done. (Isaiah 58) Our heart is to develop healthy relationship among other ministries involved in Gospel justice & mercy and come along side to help in that vision. We want to eventually provide opportunities for the local body of Christ to serve in local justice missions such as, care for widows, orphans, and the poor that live in our community, as well as missions of evangelism and prayer for the sick.  We also desire to see God connect the body of Christ multi-generationally according to Malachi 4:6. This is our prayer for the whole region! We pray the Prayer & Justice Center will create an environment of the presence of God, and give parents and children a place to connect with God together.
God has given us just a glimpse of His heart for our city. We have a picture of what God is wanting to do, but know God will bring more clarity and strategy Through our time in Pasadena and as we continue to seek Him in the days ahead.  Our eyes are being opened to the wonderful possibilities in God for our families and communities. God is doing ‘new’ things and connecting His people for the common goal of exalting and glorifying Jesus. Please Dream with Us!


We are praying that God will raise up a “marching band” of men and women who will partner with us to see awakening, revival, and  transformation in our city through prayer and acts of justice.  Thankfuly we have received enough money for our trip to California.  When we return to Bloomington, In addition to the amount Journey Ministries can provide, our living expenses we are needing the Lord to provide through generous donations is $1,950 / month, which comes to $22,800 for the year.  Would you prayerfully consider sowing into this vision financially?  -thank you!  and Jesus Bless you!!!